About Me

There are rumours that my name is French but that is too much pressure to be fancy. It’s an old British name that means ambition, energized and strong willed. Google it! I love to eat oranges and have an insatiable thirst for dark thrillers.

Let us share stories about of who we are at the very core of our beings and just have fun. If you are into fiction, some awkward true stories and at the same time meet amazing people through interviews, welcome aboard and I Medrine will be your captain. Buckle up!


Writing keeps my world sane. My stack of journals were supposed to remain just that; a pile of childhood joys and teenage nightmares. Five years ago someone read my work and urged me to write leading to the birth of my first blog (gone wrong). Needless to say the journey led to copywriting at a digital agency, content creation for different online publishing platforms and overall fulfillment. Here are some brands I have had the pleasure of working with:


The first time I read the name ‘Green Horn’ was on my audition form. By then I had been working at the Phoenix Players Theatre for over a year. That was not good but that there was an opportunity to make mistakes and learn.

I worked as an understudy, stage manager and assistant to several actors till I earned my spot on stage, making a debut with the play Minister Karibu by John Sibi Okumu. Since then I have worked with directors like George Mungai, Sahil Gada, Eugene Oyoo, Millicent Ogutu and Martin Kigondu among others. Thanks to that experience I made my way to the screen with the TV show One In A Million and Majaribu. I continue to do plays the most recent one being Aladdin staged by Hoodwink 9. Acting is my creative well.

Broadcast Journalist

The beauty of being an only child was having power over the remote control. I was drawn to TV and Radio because of great broadcast journalists, news anchors and TV show hosts. At 10, the dream to be on TV was born and it came to fruition in bits and pieces in my early 20s. By 2018, I had a Talk Show and Radio Show at Family Media (Kenya). I am back at school to build on the skills I acquired over the years and work towards an even greater platform as a broadcaster.