You are Allowed to Stop Creating

You are Allowed to Stop Creating

If you are planning to start a podcast, go ahead and do it. There is a running joke that everyone has a podcast. As they should because anyone can have a podcast. When I first started this blog in 2017, I was worried that no one would read it. That all my efforts might be futile. Elizabeth Gilbert in her podcast Magic Lessons affirms that the truth that we create for ourselves first. For others to join the party and indulge in our work is where the magic lies (quote by yours truly).

You should stop creating when it’s time to stop. There is a fear to stop creating because there are a few opportunities (myth) and endless bills to pay. We do not want to betray the loyalty of those who take the journey with us. Our work might be meaningless if we stop. Who are we without our work?

You are a great human being with the ability to navigate the maze of life. No other creature can toe the balance of body, soul and spirit. You exhibit responsibility to make decisions every day that alter your life and that of others. You are made in the likeness of God. Recognize the power of what you just read and embrace it. You are allowed to stop creating.

Hosts Charla Lauriston and Lauren Domino have released the last episode of the groundbreaking podcast The Secret Lives of Black Women. It is their best one yet. They interview each other on the journey to their 36th episode. Fun fact the producer of this podcast is a Kenyan. Stephanie Kariuki is a podcast producer at Stitcher. She was born in Kenya, grew up in Columbus Ohio and now resides in New York changing the world.

The Secret Lives of Black Women has come to an end but the energy created will live and thrive forever. Charla and Lauren interview each other and they are ready for the next step. They do not know what that is but it will be great. They are no longer afraid of being themselves. That is all you need to step into any space in this world. As they close they assure us that it is not a goodbye but a close to this chapter.

You are allowed to stop creating because even the longest books have chapters that begin and end. There is no scarcity of ideas because you operate from a place of abundance. I often think our godlike nature allows us to tap into a supernatural world and access ideas that we are responsible for in this world. If your blog comes to an end, so be it, start on the next thing. There is no guarantee of success on the other side but how will you ever know if you do not leave that desk. Whoever came up with the beige office desks needs some colour in their lives.

Vionna of Curly Cheeks recently shared on Twitter that she feels ‘guilty and triggered’ when people ask why she stopped creating. When we do not create we feel worse than the person waiting for our work on the other side. It feels like carrying a seed that can blossom for eons and then one day it dries up. You try to draw anything from it and there is nothing.

We create from different places. Some of us take life’s pain and turn into pieces that allow others to see their pain through ours. For others, it is when they are their happiest that they create worlds that allow us the sunshine of their creations. The group to envy are those who create come rain or shine. They have consistency down to the second.

There is space for all of us. Everyone is not accorded to the gift of creating for a living. Some of us are secret writers who write in our journals or publish anonymously. It may take this post to discover that you have a story to tell. We tend to talk ourselves out of creating because we think it is for a selected few. Or there is a certain way to do it.

The 13th-century Persian poet Rumi put it best, ‘What you seek is seeking you’. The ideas that bully you in your sleep. The ones you drift to at 3am in the morning. What has stuck with you as you move around in life? It pursues you relentlessly but you ignore it which only amplifies the need for it to be allowed to exist in the world.

I think of the biblical story of creation. We came alive from one breathe of God. Maybe that is what we need to do with our work. Take a chance with one breath. Write one sentence. Publish one poem. Submit that letter to the editor. Record your first five minutes of the podcast on your phone and send it to someone you trust for feedback.  Write down the first recipe. Take one step.

When the time comes and you have given it your best, you are allowed to stop creating. Take a chance on another version of yourself. You are who you are without your work. What if I lose all the community I built? You are worthy and we will wait for you

Do I need to remind you of the great return of Nyashinski?

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