A celebration of every kind of mother

A celebration of every kind of mother

I hope we celebrate this day without condemnation to those who have taken longer to get here. Those whose bodies took a lifetime before they obliged. When the society scorned and whispered they held their head high and soon, newborns in their hands.

May we unequivocally celebrate mothers who gift others the joy of motherhood when all else fails. They risk their lives to bring joy to others who otherwise would be forever chase the dream they so desire.

I celebrate mothers who lost them before they could hold the first embrace. Those who kept the secret to themselves but their bodies betrayed their pain. They dread another bathroom run because it could meant another heartbreak. Not a word is shared but their partners know that look of despair. They are mothers too.

A toast to those moms who had to choose between the pursuit of motherhood and breaking financial coils pass down from generations of hard work in an unjust world. Those who gambled success for delayed parenthood because it had to be done. Those that world calls older mums but they are still mothers, right?

Mothers who raised children beyond those of their womb. Created spaces for them to thrive without a doubt of whose they were. Loved them as a mother would while honouring those who entrusted with the gift of raising the children.

Love to those mothers who experienced motherhood albeit temporarily. Whose bundles of joy went home as fast as they came into the world and remain forever united by transcendence cord. Motherhood is forever.

To the little girls who dreamed of being mothers since they held their first doll. Who grew up as they had imagined, having their dream families down to the gender. Sometimes the path is straight.

The young baby who had a baby because barbaric cultural norms shackled her ambitions. The trauma of unfulfillment robs her of the joy of motherhood but fuels the drive to fight for her cubs. That is the strength of motherhood.

The mother who celebrated her last birth and made plans to get back out there but there was an oven in the bun. Her dreams took yet another pause. Torn between the joy of one more and the pain of not now. The sacrifice is worth it.

To the new mum who watches the world move on as hers is a hamster race of feeds, diapers and cries. The yearning to get back seems more distant every day. I pray the cloud above your head moves away and you rediscover the joy of your womanhood.

Mothers who gifted the world with joy and blessed the heavens with their presence. You are looking down as your little and big one(s) navigate the world. May your presence fill the empty spaces they dare not reveal.

The mothers who opted out because of fear. Those who live the dream of what could have been. Driven to opt-out by life circumstances and fear.  The loss forever tugs at your heart forever, I hope you know you matter.

To the mothers who tried but failed. Who relinquished their responsibility to their children. Pushed them to grow up there before their time. Beyond motherhood is a person with their version of events that take them away from those they love the most. I pray when the time for the difficult conversations comes along you will extend grace to to your mother.

The mothers who take in those set aside by the world and love them to wholeness. Who create safety for different and empower children to find self their best way they know how. You are the army of angels charged with the Lord’s work.

I hope we celebrate this day without condescension on the different ways women get here. Without religious badgering for those who opt-out of the experience. Allow people the dignity of choice.

To every kind of mother, thank you for your sacrifice, unwavering love and for choosing us.

Happy Mother’s Day.




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