What is your theme?

Gordy Hall is about  5 minutes walk from my office and the GRID lab. The GRID is everything you think it is. People make amazing stuff in there. When I say people I mean the undergraduates who know how to make games and play them. The only thing I remember from that conversation is Minecraft. Undergraduates I have met so far are some of the smartest people I will ever meet. We sometimes share classes with Undergrads and that is brilliant way to teach and learn. It is a good balance when you teach and are in class with them because there is a symbiotic way of learning.

So Gordy Hall. I teach a class in that building. It is Media and the Creative Process. Say what you want about America, but this country respects the arts. The politics of who they respect in the arts, I will let the Oscars answer that one for me.

“the only work really worth  doing-the only work you can do convincingly- is the work that focuses on things you care about. To not focus on those issues is to deny the constants in your life.” – (Art and Fear)

I agree with that. We all have a theme in our lives regardless of intention or oblivion. The day you find your theme, embrace it. Run with it and guard that with your life.

Gordy Hall is also where we have bible study. Emily leads the group and if I do not see that woman in heaven, Peter might need to explain a few things. Emily is great, empathetic and works for no accolades. Tonight we meet for the first time this Spring semester. This room is what Martin Luther King Jr. marched for in 1953. Diverse. Emily starts off and today’s exercise involves an array of pictures. We are forced to reflect using images.

Here are my responses:

Define your winter break in image

This winter break I had the gift of time. Copious amounts of time to pray, read, recuperate, love Prince (he is a dog), cook, travel, soak in and re-center. If you meet me this semester and wonder where the old me is, let me know once you find her because I can’t track her too.

How do you feel now about the semester?

The motion of moving into new ground.

What you want for this year?

My one prayer this year is to be established. In all aspects of my life, I want God to set me on the path I need to be on and flourish in his will.

An image that gives you hope.

I pick this image to show how small we are compared to who God immense sovereignty.

Recently as part of the 21 days with Heather Lindsey read Isaiah 40:31 and wondered why God was keen to use an Eagle’s mobility as symbolism for how far we could soar.

Eagles are light in weight and strong in stature. They have a hollow bone structure that allows wind to power their movement but there are so lightweight that they could soar anywhere. This is what I want for myself. Soar irrespective of all my setbacks that make me human. Powered by winds and not knocked out. When my body gives in and can only run or fully surrender to walking there is a promise to not grow weary or be faint.

Now that is solid hope!

What is the one thing that gives you hope? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram.




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