Too many podcasts don’t know where you start...

Too many podcasts don’t know where you start? Podcasts to listen to in 2019

Edison research came out with a report on the podcast consumer and I will tell you one thing for sure, the podcast wave is here. Granted there are many factors that impact how fast podcasts grow but just like social media content creation, we are at the tipping point of podcasting. Malcolm Gladwell has a new book, if you know you know.

One of the biggest challenges faced by content creators and listeners alike is actually finding a podcast. Remember when blogging started and we did not know where to find the different sites and now you have your best bookmarked. That is the same challenge right now. This also might explain why you have started a podcast and feel like you are swimming in the dark.

As at now there is no clear cut way to do it but I am pretty sure there is a whole team at Google that is coming up with an easier way to do it. Social media and word of mouth are the best bet right now and if you have great content, it will get its own wings.

Another assumption is that podcasts are an elite lifestyle. Allow to burst that bubble right now. There are so many platforms to listen to podcasts and all you need is WiFi. Even better there is a podcast for everyone and if you can’t find it, create it.

So as you dip your toes into podcasts here are a couple that I have subscribed to that are a good place to start:

Legally Clueless

We met Adelle Onyango on radio and she has done great work on air. I have followed her since OneFM and she has built quite the impressive brand. One thing that is unique about Adelle is living her truth. She has been open about healing from life’s experiences and destigmatizing  talk around sexual assault.

If you loved Adelle on radio you will be hooked to her podcast. It’s raw, honest and feels like home. Follow the podcast on Instagram to see all the platforms you can access it on.


Another strategy that works perfectly in marketing your blog is having an established one tease yours.  This is how I found out about DeadAss. Is is hosted by co-hosts Khadeen & Devale Ellis. They are such a hilarious couple and their personalities blend so well for content.

They talk about life, marriage and core issues that affect every day living. Khadeen is a make-up artist, actress and TV host (Instagram bio) and Devale is in an upcoming show Sista by Tyler Perry Studios. They also create great and entertaining content on social media. They have shared the dream to have a Sit-Com based on their family and I can see that dream coming to pass. DeadAss!

Rants and Randomness

Luvvie Ajayi is the girl you want to have lunch with and have conversation with all day. She is smart, witty and drop dead hilarious. She is an author and speaker behind the New York’s best seller I am Judging You. In this podcast you get to meet people who are doing amazing work in their fields and pick up a few nuggets from them.

My best so far is an interview with Academy Award winning Costume Designer Ruth E Carter who created beautiful Wakanda outfits. This is the podcast that inspires you to do better and shows you how to do that. It is on numerous platforms, Google the title and you will have an array of platforms to choose from.

Woman Evolve

If I mention Sarah Jakes Roberts one more time on this blog, I might need to pay her royalties. This podcast has a feeling of who she is and her journey. She is a testament of making it against all odds and finding your path in God. She tackles pain points that we have been trained to mask for too long and challenges introspection to bring healing.

She is a co-pastor at the Potters House One LA and author of books like Don’t Settle For Safe and Lost and Found.  If you like her sermons and Woman Evolve conferences, this is a dose of that goodness that is accessible any time.

Oprah’s Masterclass


This needs no explanation. Everything Oprah touches turns to gold. People love people’s stories and Oprah is a master in telling people’s stories. This is a series of people who did extra ordinary things and they share their powerful lessons. One episode in particular talks about trusting your gut and using fear to stay safe is a great listen.

This is not to be confused with the educational platform masterclass.

Super Soul Sundays

It is only apt for me to follow up with the second podcast by Oprah that does justice to the craft. This is Oprah’s show on a podcast with content being very intentional on becoming a better person.

If you like uplifting content that gives you that push to keep going and achieve your highest potential, this is it.

Jesus and Jollof

Disclaimer, I am obsessed with this podcast because I need Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi for my sanity. Their personalities are complementary and their friendship allows them to bounce off each other. This podcast has grown so much since it started that they have done city tours for live podcasts.

If you cannot attend for now, don’t despair their energy on the podcast is all you need to get started on your day. A strong point for them is the diversity their bring blending their Nigerian and living in the US. The nostalgia and life hacks to live in America will save you a lot.

Living Truthfully


Amani Maranga the creator of the podcast won the 2019 BAKE award for best podcast of 2019 and it was well deserved. Amani has the guy next door vibe that he feels like the friend you want to have a chat with. There is a depth to his content and you see him in the conversations.

His is a space that invites a lot of conversation around manhood without putting off women listeners. If anything it plays on one of the best tricks of interview format podcasts where the listener feels like they are eavesdropping. Works like magic.

There are over 30 million episodes of podcasts as June 2019 so there is a whole world to explore. The more you listen the better you refine your taste and soon enough you have your favorite list. Podcasts are easy to listen to, portable and a good way to learn from all over the world. These ate just a small guide to help you get there.



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