Shows I am really enjoying right now. It’s a...

Shows I am really enjoying right now. It’s all giggles and drama


Netflix has not always been a luxury for me. Mainly because of the lifestyle I had until a few weeks ago. I was broadcaster at Family Radio and TV. Between clocking 40 hours and commuting across town to earn a living, I did not even have time to trim my eyebrows.

What is different now is that everything is pretty close as this is a small town. My schedule now which will get crazy allows for me to indulge in a good cup of tea with a great book or something good to watch. It also allows for a lot of breathing time. There is something about knowing that there is a lot of adulting to do but still taking a moment to breathe.

I made a prayer in 2016 that God takes me to a small town where He and I would enjoy quiet time.At the time I was watching Cedar Cove and the allure of a small town got to me. That was made worse by the movie, Safe Haven. I wanted to work a sea food restaurant so bad  till I discovered it was all good writing. Speaking of which here are some shows that I am really into right now;



It is a very steep slope to write a church drama while steering away from the usual church drama. I was a bit careful at the beginning to watch the show but now I can boldly say that the show does a good job with each character. Also can we just take a minute to congratulate Clement Virgo for the great casting?

Each character plays the role made for them.  Craig Wright is also a genius for this show. Here is something else that works, the show manages the tough balancing of slipping into  a soap opera with paced cliff hangers and story lines that keep you glued. There are no spoilers for this one. Catch the show on Netflix 


Patriot Act 

Let me just say this right now because I believe in a God and the universe conspiring for my good. This show, Patriot Act, is the kind of show that I would want to host. The stage is clever and fits the Hasan Minhaj’s personality. It is the fusion of wit, the truth, comedy, activism and political satire. Breaking away from The Daily Show was the best thing that happened to him. I am only halfway into all the episodes and I am fan for sure.

Comedy Specials 


One of the few people I confided in with my dream to be in the media gave me great advice; read good books and watch stand up comedy. You will gain with and know what is happening. I should have done better by now but here is some comedy gold I have been enjoying;

Trevor Noah – (Son of Patricia, Afraid of the Dark)

He is one of the greatest talent we have ever. Not in South Africa or even Africa as a whole. Just. Great. He is the guy who does not need to work as hard but he does. Every joke well though out and is woven to a greater story. Tense conversations are reduced to common sense without losing the seriousness of the matter. This has got to be the most brilliant. Keep your passion going as you work on your gold that way you are indispensable.

Ellen DeGeneres – (Relatable)

Ellen is Ellen. She alone can do what she does. She has shared the story before of how her parents loved celebrities so she thought why not be one. The people who bump into careers make the best of them. They go in with no expectation and gratitude that the universe responds well to positivity. This special is peppered with wit and sarcasm that will leave you kinder.

David Chapelle 

I had never watched anything by Chapelle in full just snippets of what has been defined as comedic genius. The first time I ever heard of him was through a former classmate Joyce Muturi. His selling point in this special is raw honesty. In this one you realize that he was actually never gone. There is an apathy to nonsense that will come as one gets older. This special has that.

Hasan Minhaj – (Homecoming King)

Hassan Minhaj story of years of working hard and making it to The Daily Show is everything I needed as I begin life in a whole new place. Think of a surfer. There are different kinds of waves that they go through to get the thrill of the water. Minhaj takes emotions and pours them out in different waves. You will smile, aaaw, wet your eyes and then celebrate at every achievement like you, sorry he earned it. Minhaj talks really fast and as someone who got smack for not pacing my speech, this made me happy.

The Handmaid’s Tale 

The number of people I have tried to get to watch this show are enough to win me an election; the popular and electoral vote. TV shows and movies that are created from books and actually turn out to be good, make me regret why I did not get the book first.The Handmaid’s tale does the book justice. It is safe to mention that I have never read the book. The show is based on a novel by  Canadian author Margaret Atwood, originally published in 1985. The thought of Gilead as an idea not even its existence, makes me appreciate the freedoms  we have today as women. I loathe Mr. Waterford. Enough spoilers just watch the show.

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