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The last couple of weeks have been emotional heavy not for anything life changing, just a shift.  At the beginning of the year, I felt an inner shift and stillness. There is an interview of Oprah Winfrey where she talks about how she stopped praying for strength or courage because to be strong your weakness will be tested and with courage, fear. Well, I should have listened because this year I prayed for a shift and my mind did not process that would involve me moving or being moved.

With the discomfort that comes with you getting to higher level, I have cried, sighed, walked back and forth to Naivas for a Chocostick and caused him sleeplessness nights with my, ‘my world is falling apart phone calls.’

I found this quote,

Sometimes God will calm the storm for his child and in other times he will calm his child in the storm

I was right in the thick of the storm and he kept me still. Only this time the storm was within me. Shaking my hard headedness, rigidity and shedding off dead skin. When that happens it is easy to slip into the cave where not much is happening. However, if you can stand through (or crawl) you will survive.

One of the ways to do that is count your blessings;


I have a great job that allows me to be crazy, good crazy and I get to talk about music for three hours. Also it is a positive space but I have my moments when the government pushes my button but my opinion is all for love of the country

When I joined Radio, I came from a five year yearning for the opportunity and had the dire need to be excellent. Sadly, at the time I was met with an aura of burn out and exhaustion from those around me; justifiably so. They had been there longer and most of them were on the edge.

I went home and told God to bless me with people who would complement my heart for the radio. I kid you not I have a new producer and supervisor. The new boss speaks lives and breathes radio. He has pushed me and at some point I almost cried but I came out the other side. That’s the key.


The show is now harder to prepare for and easier to host. That is a good thing, no?

Health Wellness

I saw a nutritionist a few months ago and she changed my life. I got a meal plan that did not involve me starving. It had been good and for once I feel more in control.

Also coconut oil is doing wonders for my dearie hairline

Did I mention that I began burning incense in my room? I needed it aki.


God is literally my best friend. I am always talking to him and checking in with him. With no insinuation of calling death, I will be so happy the day I get to meet God. He is love, peace and grace. He is Everything!

I made a prayer to God a couple of weeks ago and may be you can try it. I pray that I am alive to the meaning of every waking moment to recognize the good and be grateful for it. For what is not mine quicken my steps to stop it or walk away from it.

Also and I mean this, energy is real. The vibes you give out with respond in kind.


I have not even tapped to the half who I am but I am on the journey.


I still find shopping to be a chore and probably wear the same five outfits. However, my locs are out and I love them.


Relationships are a lot of work. I dipped my toes late last year and save for a dramatic spat that lasted a fortnight, there are good people in the world.

Best quote so far

Only the mediocre people are always at their best

  1. Changes are tough but somehow they make us better, if we have the eye to see the diamond wrapped with dirt.

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