Bowing Out

I just quit Facebook.

Not for any world saving reasons but because I was exhausted about how many platforms I have to think about updating.  A friend once offered to help with management of my social pages and I remember wondering when I became Kylie Jenner needing a team to handle my platforms. After two year consideration I was done with that one platform.  Twitter might be next but the threads you all do keep me sane.

Towards the end of 2018 I approached a lady who has done quite well for herself.  The reason for that was that I needed to tweak a few things within my career that were not working.  It had to be someone who is objective and who had not known my journey and would therefore deal with me with no bias. Well you get what you ask for.  I met her and she is everything advertised. The never meet your hero plague has come alive quite a few times. This was not one of the awkward situations.

Ever adored somebody for so long and you meet them and discover they chew noisily and are not really nice as they come off to be? Yes me too. In such situations I quickly check my entitlement and remember that they owe me nothing and I gave zilch for them to be in the situation they are in right now. In short,  I grow up.

My need for what is now career coaching was because I had stagnated and shape shifted in my career. There needed to be a change in how I approached my craft. I got my first job three days after I was done with high school; an actor with Mabingwa Travelling Theatre.  For any actor travelling theatre is the All Mighty Kiganjo. It prepares you to act and also live life.  I did that for a while and proceeded to join Phoenix that at the time was the Broadway of this country. That taught me discipline that no other institution has taught me. In those days I knew my heart was made for radio but I was willing to do anything than just bum at home.

That drive saw me be an actor, stage manager, assistant art director, logistics producer, script writer, TV anchor, Producer, production assistant, copywriter…Are you tired yet? So was I. While I was within the creative industry I was an expert at nothing. Those jobs gave me tenacity though. Four years after my graduation I was finally behind a microphone and I had no one to thank but Jesus. At this point even Jesus needed me to decided what I was going to perfect. I want to be a genius at something and that will take lot of discipline, practice and dedication plus a dose of focus.

This leads me back to why Mark Zuckerberg and I broke it off. I will no longer do what I am not good at no matter how with it or popular it is .No matter  how much energy I pump in it will feel off. The only kind off I want to have is an off day. I have been struggling with inadequacy and the reason for that has been the rat race from one career to another with no end in sight.  I don’t have it all figured out because as you know God has a thing for pulling the rug from under my feet but there is a focus.

The last part of bowing out will be leaving YouTube. Hear me out.

YouTube is like getting the guy who you never thought would pay attention to you. I did it consistently from six months and sporadically after that for the same period. I have gotten calls for auditions from my few videos and 100 subscribers (I cannot get myself to say subbies). My current boss saw my youtube video and after I joined the station he gave me a chance to be on TV. I will forever be grateful for that channel. Here is the challenge, I cannot sustain it and do everything else. While content was a dance for me, production was crazy. I work with an amazing team at Neolight Media Productions and they have been good to me. However we both cannot sustain it because we are just busy. You are currently walking the ‘adulting’ street.

I will only be available on Instagram @medrinenyambura and on LinkedIn with the same handle.  The two platforms feel right as I choose to focus and I can l do with excellence.  Thank you for all the support, it shall not be forgotten.  It took a lot of courage to walk away.  You know I used to judge bloggers before when they said that they were overwhelmed and could not do it anymore. I would think to myself, ‘You spolit brat do the work, you asked for it.’

Well I will have a mega slice of humble pie and take several seats.  I am all wiped . A TV and Radio show, blog, Vlog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and still have time to shave my armpits and down there too. It was all too much.  I want to fall in love with my blog again. I want to inspire on IG and build my profile on LinkedIn because even with all the mediocrity, I have snagged numerous opportunities. So this is me bowing out and choosing to focus.

Again thank you for your support. It’s good for my hairline. No really it is.

EDIT: Twitter stays.

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