What No One told her

She was riding her bike when she hit a stone and toppled over on the chipped pavement. Her grazed knee took her attention for a minute and by the time she had reconciled the droplets of blood on her knee were not fatal, her bike was nowhere sight. Her mother would be so furious and it would take another birthday before she could get another one.

He appeared with it and with much relief she ran towards him. She muttered thank you embarrassed about her fall and loss. He knelt down and checked her now almost forgotten wound and promised her it would be better. His hand continued to hold on to her knee and began to slowly crawl up her skirt. She panicked and looked to the other children for help but they were all so busy. Someone should have told her to leave the bike and run but she just stood there. Afterwards he walked away after telling her that she was a good girl.

Her trips to the shop were some of the highlights she looked forward to every day. Today she was going to have some good change left over. May be she would get that sweet she has been eyeing at the shop but her mother says will give her tooth cavities. She came back leaping with joy as it was just time for the best of Cartoon Network. That is when she saw it.

One of the neighbour’s hen had strayed from the rest. She put her breakfast down and carried it back to the pen that housed hundreds of them. He was there as she turned to go back to their house. Too big for her she surrendered and froze in fear. She reached to her pocket to check for her lollipop. It was gone as she ran after the chicken and so was her innocence. Someone should have told her that the chicken would have found its way home and none of this would have happened.

Papa always came home early to do homework with her.  After some tea and bread or biscuits he would help her read and remind her that she could be anything she wanted. Anything but safe. His friend with the receding hairline and brown coat that he never seemed to wash would come too. She never said a word to him but he was funny. When papa went to his room for his checkbook he reached out and squeezed her knee with a sinister look in his eye. Just like the hyena in Lion King. It felt wrong but when papa came back he praised him for raising a good girl. Why did they touch her then call her a good girl? She did not know that papa would have stopped it if she had said something.

Her breasts showed and she prayed that they did not grow any bigger. It was already so awkward throughout high school with the common bathroom area. She was always the youngest in the room which made her appear a late bloomer. He had mentioned that he liked bigger boobs. She liked him so that meant that she was supposed to like them as well. On that day he mentioned that they would watch a movie and have a meal. She had never had a real date so it was a reason to be excited. Turned out he was the only one who got excited. After he was done, he dressed her up as if she was a porcelain doll and walked her to the bus stop. A heads up that the date would have gone wrong and change her life forever would have been nice.

When he tried to hold her hand she recoiled in fear. He quickly apologized and kept his hands to himself. He tried to get her to open up but no one had told her that she could be safe with him. Others like him had touched and hurt her. He was patient and asked what he could do to make her comfortable. She asked him to take away all the guilt and shame that others like him had brought her.  He promised to try but someone should have told her that only one could take it all away.


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