Book Review: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Kaine

Book Review: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Kaine

One of my biggest fear is getting married to a serial killer. Irrational as that may be, the CSI franchise, Stalker series and all these crime shows have been on air for eons for a good reason. While in Kenya cases of serial killers are not as rampant who is to say the person seated next to you in a bus is not a Phillip Onyancha. Even worse a copycat. Serial killers tend to attract a following of admirers.

There are two types of serial killers, in my view. Those that you can sniff out in a crowd. They are awkward, unsettling and the ones who you catch having a smoke at 10pm just as you are taking out your trash. You know they are but you have no evidence. Sometimes it’s just your paranoia getting the best of you. The second fold is those that are happy. They wait for you to cross the road at the Zebra crossing. Help you with your luggage.They occupy front seats in church and you might even catch them singing with their hands lifted up. Their kids wear bow ties and tutu- like dresses. They have brunch every Sunday at About Thyme or Art Caffe depending on what the kids are in the mood for.  They.Are.Perfect.

One day you aimlessly walk to the DSQ to look for shoes that go well with the outfit you really want to wear. Alas and behold you find a skinned female body in your DSQ. That’s an exaggeration. We all know we have our relatives living in the SQ or we rent it out for an obnoxious fee.

This was the reality for Gwen or Gina Royal depending on which of the two you fall in love with. She is married to a preppy husband, has beautiful children and boasts of an immaculate lawn. All that is shattered by a drunk driver who rams their wall in after taking the wrong turn and a miscalculated swerve. While that should be the cause for alarm, the dangling body of a young woman steals the show. Mel, her husband, uses the garage for more than storing tools and furniture. His toys are young women. He gets off watching the die. Now the big question is how much, if at all, does Gwen or Gina Royal know about his big little secret? Will the kids ever shake off their father’s tainted reputation?

Rachel Kaine does a great job with having musicality with how she creates her suspense. Just when you think the family has moved on, there is another Mel around the corner. In one of the last chapters there was an anticlimax of what seemed like a happy ending. Rachel uses this to settle the reader just before unleashing Gwen’s or Gina Royal’s or your worst nightmare. Mel is not gone. He is never going to be. This is a story you have heard before but has not been told before as it has in this book.

I got a copy on Kindle for $4.99. I had just finished reading an emotionally heavy book ( Slave by Book by Damien Lewis and Mende Nazer) and this provided a thrilling escape.

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