About Me

There are rumours that my name is French but that is too much pressure to be fancy. It’s an old British name that means ambition, energized and strong-willed. Google it!


I started this blog as a space to find healing for myself and by extension others like me. After three years of immense growth and impactful conversations, this blog is evolving to focus on my journey of faith as a follower of Christ in pursuit of life’s answers and living out my purpose.  If this resonates with you, join me on this ride to find meaning.


Writing keeps my world sane. It is God’s language of love for us. If you can think, you can write. I started writing in my private journals before growing into a blogger. I have been writing for five years for different platforms in topics including Music and Film commentary, profile interviews and opinion columns. It took one Writing Masterclass to improve my writing which inspired me to give back by creating an online masterclass to help beginner writers find their voice. I also do short-form writing on my social media platforms with the intention to inspire, teach and encourage.

Broadcast Journalist

I was 10 years old when the idea to work in TV and Radio was sparked in me. The dream came true after 15 years when I got the opportunity to co-produce host a Radio and TV drive show at a faith-based media outlet before transitioning to graduate school. I am currently working on creating digital platforms to create content around my faith journey to build a community of Christ-minded believers.

Graduate Studies

I am currently in Graduate school to enhance my skills as a storyteller and media producer with Scripps College at Ohio University. Here is the kicker, I get to teach introductory and intermediate media classes to undergraduate students looking to work in the media. You know those little whispers to God about things we hope for, this was one of them. God has been good to me and this is my mountain top where I get to tell everyone all about Him.