The Alphabet of my life

It’s my birthday
(No, it’s not)
But I still look good though

– Bruno Mars (Perm)

As I write this it is a day to my birthday. I have been listening to Adele’s music , all three albums. I am not recovering from a heart break but a hangover instead. I am still high be on Chimamanda Adicihie’s Americanah and Half A Yellow Sun. Stop judging for reading the books in 2018. I don’t do well with hype. A couple of years ago when she was recognized as a literary force to be reckoned with, I stayed away so as to enjoy the books and not hurry to the end. So since July I have been going through her collection and I am angry with Chimamanda. Why does she leave me empty, yet full? I want closure. She has a rare gift that leaves you laughing and crying at the same time.

Earlier in the morning, I walked the stretch to the office belting out Adele’s missing you. With no one in mind, I appreciated the each instrument and swayed to the melody. I still want to attend an Adele concert and have a front seat to her magic. As my birthday edged closer,  I had a grand idea on what to do. I had planned to resume Vlogging, have a photo shoot done and blog about what I am planning to do this year. Then a month ago, I changed my mind. This is exactly what I did last year. Everything I had planned for worked beyond my imagination. I prayed that God would stretch me above and beyond.  I wanted Him to be proud of me. Be careful what you pray for. God has openly corrected my faults and convicted me to work on them and for that I am eternally grateful. So this year, I choose to celebrate my birthday with thanksgiving.


Two years ago I went on an Awareness journey to meet and know myself. Now I don’t have the bone in me to take any bull****

I am in no way trying to be condescending but a small Bust is really convenient till you get a low chest dress, and it’s downhill from there

My current Crush is miles away. Now I can focus on more important things. Oh he doesn’t know me

Deodorant is man’s best invention after electricity

I am grateful  for the ability to understand the impact of good Energy on one’s life

Faith is the best gift God gave me and as a child that kept me going

My Gut is now my bestie!

Understand Hype is overrated

Isaiah 43: 2 is one of my best verses ever

I hit rock bottom and even then dared to Jump. #JustDoIt  I Nike that

While I love words, I am glad we still use letters as they should. It is in our Kulture

I can feel my heart aching for something in Life Coaching. Let us see how it goes.

My Mother is still the love of my life. Sometimes I worry that I would be nothing without her.

There is Nary a day I don’t thank God for my life. Yes I can now use the word in a conversation.

I just discovered Okra and while it’s slimy I think of its benefits and slurrrrrrp away

 This year I promised myself a good Phone as a reward to the years of trying to break into the scene. Thank God for that.

 I recently had had well-made Quinoa. I am still deciding on how I feel about it.

Every week day at 3:59 my hearts skips a bit. Radio is still my heartbeat and I am eternally grateful to God.

Christina Shusho’s Relax is my theme song as I go into the new season

My Teeth were previously an insecurity but my front one just chipped from a filling and I laughed it off. I am thankful for a chip because a year ago I was undergoing dental surgery.

Unisex names really confuse me; Mwenda and Mwendwa. I need clarity

Venting is temporarily freeing, stillness in the middle of a storm is power

Winnie’s Pure Health has a brand of detox tea. Easy on the tongue and the tummy

Someone tell me how you pronounce Xavier

I am tempted to dare eat Yoghurt and hope I don’t die. Thanks Lactose intolerance

I panicked when I read of The Zed in Americanah. There was once a man by that name who I knew we would make the best life together. Now I am happy we both moved because knowing what  I know now, it would have been unnecessarily hard.


Surprise me 26!

  1. Jacy

    8 September

    Xavier is pronounced as havier 🙂
    Hbdae much love

    • Medrine

      9 September

      Took a long time to get there

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