Supa Modo lays the foundation for Super Hero movie...

Supa Modo lays the foundation for Super Hero movies in Kenya and Africa

With two months left to live, what would you do?  I am torn between moving to Shondaland, going on holiday with my mother or spending time at the Text Book Centre eating up all their books. It is trivial to think that any of these things would come to mind when faced with terminal illness. Jo’ (Stycie Waweru) is faced with terminal illness and when she is withdrawn from the hospital, her end is inevitable.

In the darkness, her mother Kathryn is having a hard time reconciling the end with the present but Mwix (Jo’s sister) travels another path. She decides to create a world for her sister that will see her enjoy what’s left of her life. The saying it takes a village to raise a child comes alive in this film. Values that make us African will be highlighted in this movie.

A movie achieves success when it breaks records at the box office. In my books, having a break out star in a movie only jolts it to greater heights. In this movie, first timer, Stycie Waweru allows us to view the world through her eyes. You will be carried through her pain, joy and hope when it’s all bleak.

Heavy hitters like Marianne Nungo and Jonhson Chege complement the Stycie’s subtlety. To have Nyawara Ndambia go unmentioned would be a disservice to the exemplary performance that she gives in the film. Hers is a story of strength, resilience and family above all. I ask Nyawara on what the role meant to her to which she says, “Live the truth of the character.”  Perhaps having a younger sister pushes her to be protective of Jo’.

Likarion Wainaina the story creator and director mirrors his childhood in Supa Modo. As he grew up in Kibera, he enjoyed movies popularly known as ‘DJ Afro’ where the seed to create was born. If you are familiar with his work, comedic nuances that only Likarion can do ,will jump at you during the film. Supported by team of writers namely Mugambi Nthiga, Wanjeri Gakuru, Kamau Wandung’u and Silas Miami, Likarion brings everyday life to the big screen and you will feel right at home at Maweni where the story is set up. The story, acting, cinematography and the emotions are just a few things that will keep you glued to your seat.

Following the continued success of Black Panther, Supa Modo comes in at the perfect time. While the former is a story of Africa without interference, Supa Modo is a story of Kenya.

The movie is now in the theaters and has gotten an extension. Thank God! Here are the dates.

Here is the trailer to the movie.

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  1. Sarena

    26 April

    Im a little amused at the movie concept. Have to see this Kenyan Superhero movie! Congratulations on BAKE nomination by the way, no small feat.

    • Medrine

      7 July

      This is so late
      I am so sorry
      Thank you for stopping by and the kind words 😘

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