Bursting myths about ‘The Wait’

Bursting myths about ‘The Wait’

When a book becomes a hit, I am usually weary to read it, not in skepticism but because reading in excitement makes a book harder to eat up. When the book, ‘The Wait’ first came out, it swept the whole world in quite the literal sense. The authors of the book, power couple, Meagan and DeVon Franklin then did a series of televised interviews and some web ones talking about their journey through the Wait. Initially I did not understand the sudden hype to being celibate because I know enough people who are, which leads me to the first myth about this book that was burst as soon as I got to the first chapter.

Abstaining is practising the wait

You will get to understand very quickly that abstinence is when you do not have sex either because your organs have aways been paralyzed or you have no choice. The first group of people are those who cannot tell if someone is flirting with you or they are just being weird. The latter applies to those who have opted out of a marriage, relationship, situationship and are now single and do not have the guns to have a casual sexual relationship. Having understood that it is good to make it clear that celibacy, waiting, is a deliberate choice that one makes all factors notwithstanding to not be sexually intimate and to turn the focus inward. Abstinence is not celibacy.

It’s a perfect couple’s guide to a perfect marriage

Have you ever read a book and the writer shares details that you could have done without? There is a particular chapter that left me wondering whether the couple approved it. The best of writers bear it all on the pages and leave the reader to make of it what they will. There will be other sections that will show their imperfection and how they work through it.

Many couples will only share on social media happy moments that will make marriage look like a SportPesa bet. This book surprisingly moves far away from that and lays down the reality of marriage without taking the romance out of it.

It’s another Christiany motivation book

I am bothered by people who claim that a piece of work is too ‘christiany’. It is thrown at anyone who cares to listen to evoke a justification for having a faith backed stance. That being said, I saw the light and now I do not take in negative critics who aim to shame Christianity. Instead, I am open and do have conversations with people of opposing or no faith at all.

This book opens the conversation on marriage. With its foundation in the bible, it does not bombard you with theological details, instead they use their story to tell you what worked, which includes their walk in faith. If you do not practice the Christian faith, their openness to address that will be refreshing.

It’s all about sex

Before you get disappointed that it is not a cleaned up version of 50 shades of Grey, hear me out. The Wait is about sex but it is not ALL about sex. The core principle taught in this book is patience that is applicable to all aspects of your life. You would be surprised to how sexual discipline influences other areas of your life. This book explains this in the simplest way possible.

Celibacy is the key to a happy marriage

I met a friend of mine the other day and he told me of how they have hit a rough patch. The first thing that rang was God I hope they work it out. A marriage is defined by a lot than the between the sheets (or any other place) action. This is why celibacy is not the key to a thorn-less fairy tale ending. If you do not use the time when you are celibate to really work on yourself, then even when you meet someone who could have been your life’s best partner, you will not be ready for them.

Let’s even forget celibacy for a second. If you do not take time to improve yourself, it is unlikely that you will live your best life. This book talks on how it is much easier to push yourself to everything God has called you to be without distractions. What is one of the biggest distractions ever? One that has brought down kings, presidents, men and women of faith and titans? Exactly.

Last note

The book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari emphasizes that  a book brings out what  is already in you. If The Wait is something you are already practising or are thinking to do, this book is a practical guide on how to go about it. It will also help to know that you are not alone in this lonely but fulfilling walk. On the contrary, if the wait is nothing you would ever fathom, their story is still a joy to listen to. If nothing else it will inspire the virtue of patience.

This book gets a YES from me and it has nothing to do with the fact that I completely adore Meagan Good.

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